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what happened here?

If you are familiar with The Awesome Theory, you obviously see that things look very different around here. This is the new layout/format for AT. To get back to old site, click here or follow the link in the header. Please leave a note in the shoutbox letting us know you were here.

what is the awesome theory?

Since mankind has had the ability to reason about such things, he has correctly reasoned that there are two fundamental opposing forces in the world. Over the ensuing ages, mankind has applied many names to these opposing forces: Yin/Yang, Order/Chaos, Good/Evil. These may suffice, but do not accurately convey the truth. The true opposing forces are Awesome and Stupid. This is the fundamental underpinning of the Awesome Theory. To delve deeper into what exactly the Awesome Theory is, study the Axioms of Awesome and be enlightened.

How did the awesome theory reveal itself?

The Awesome Theory started as a random brainstorming session between two programmers at work. What began as talking about how awesome certain scientific facts are quickly became fused with semi-believable nonsense to form the original core of the Awesome Theory, the Axioms of Awesome. To read more about the genesis of the Awesome Theory, click here.

The site quickly grew to include all sorts of humorous and interactive content. The main focus is the RPG-style game that pits a band of heroes, known as the Avatars of Awesome, against the most powerful force of stupid the world has ever known, Scientology. Do you have what it takes to free the world from the vicious clutches of most evil stupervillain of all time? Good luck!

What's next?

Yes, I still want to do something with this site. It has been around 2 1/2 years since a new feature was added (the new equipment system), and around 2 years since the site went into the toilet, traffic-wise.

I've wrote this out before in other places, but this is as much for my benefit as anyone who might be reading this. The plan moving forward is as follows: keep everything that currently exists and shove it off to a legacy sandbox side of the site, like a zoo or museum. It will still mostly function, but will not get any development at all. Relaunch the site with pretty much new everything. The RPG-style game will be the main focus of the site, but other things will be included like the voting and all of that.

The web RPG game I am envisioning will be like a cross between an old school console RPG and a strategy RPG with both PvE and PvP content. You will create parties of characters, with a maximum of 4 characters per party. However, you will be able to create multiple parties and have unlimited characters. There will be a plot with progression and eventual resolution. The systems will all be fairly complex, but hopefully not too difficult to understand.

Existing users who have put a lot of time into the Awesome Theory and beefed up their characters will get a significant bonus to start out in this new game, plus anyone who plays during the beta will find advancement easier anyway.

I have tons and tons of ideas, but here is a basic list of some of the things I have to do:
1. Come up with a visual redesign, does not have to be super significant, but what we have is not going to work for the new version.
2. Finish my own custom forum and login/registration system - this is almost done.
3. Develop the login/registration pages along with character creation pages
4. Develop an AJAX based combat system (this might be a challenge)
5. Develop a new database, migrating user info over

I have learned a ton about php development since I started on AT and I know I'll do a better job the second time around. I hope to start for real pretty soon, but keep an eye out for updates!