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January 1996

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This site is under construction. Don't mind the mess - maybe someday this will be worth reading!

Welcome to Derp...Derp...Code!, my programming journal/blog. This site is more for me than anyone else, but if you are here and reading, that's great! You might wonder about the name - I might be good at programming, but I am a bad programmer, so I tend to derp a lot before producing worthwhile code.

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A History of The Awesome Theory

Tragedy or comedy?

In 2007 I moved to a new shop and quickly made friends with Chaz. We hit it off mostly because we both had a similar wacky sense of humor. At first, this was just conversations around the office. Then it led to interesting whiteboard charts, graphs, and pictures. Eventually, someone had the bright idea to make a website out of the crazy ideas and shortly thereafter The Awesome Theory was born. We brought it online in September of 2007 and at first, it was simply a vehicle to share our pseudo-science nonsense like how the Universe's fundamental particles were Awesome and Stupid particles that looked like ninjas and pink elephants. We had a whole bunch right from the get go and we called them ...(more)

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The past through tomorrow

Or how we got to where we are

I've always been a tech person. I was fascinated with video games as soon as I first saw them in arcades. Once I discovered the NES I saved up my paper route money and bought one as soon as I could. During grade school and junior high I was always excited about a trip to the computer lab, mostly due to Oregon Trail, but also for the potential that the computers presented. I convinced my parents to buy me a computer in 9th grade for "school work" but I obviously used it for games and Prodigy (old online service before AOL).

There was one event in particular that led me down the road of tinkering with computers from which I have never looked back. One day my computer was acting ...(more)

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