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January 1996

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This site is under construction. Don't mind the mess - maybe someday this will be worth reading!

Welcome to Derp...Derp...Code!, my programming journal/blog. This site is more for me than anyone else, but if you are here and reading, that's great! You might wonder about the name - I might be good at programming, but I am a bad programmer, so I tend to derp a lot before producing worthwhile code.

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The past through tomorrow

Or how we got to where we are

I've always been a tech person. I was fascinated with video games as soon as I first saw them in arcades. Once I discovered the NES I saved up my paper route money and bought one as soon as I could. During grade school and junior high I was always excited about a trip to the computer lab, mostly due to Oregon Trail, but also for the potential that the computers presented. I convinced my parents to buy me a computer in 9th grade for "school work" but I obviously used it for games and Prodigy (old online service before AOL).

There was one event in particular that led me down the road of tinkering with computers from which I have never looked back. One day my computer was acting ...(more)

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